Apple MAc Repairs


As an example whenApple Repair Centre XY cannot Repair the Logicboard, they usually provide we a New Logicboard at over £500.

Obviously at this point you’ll decline, BUT this might be where the Apple Repair Centre XY usually charge a inspection fee. They might state it happens to be not a NO FIX NO FEE because we have refused the quotation, therefore stopped them from repairing the Apple Device.

We see this because unfair….That is why you ask all clients to consider the hidden charges that different TRADE APPLE LOGICBOARD REPAIR firms charges.

The Trade Apple Logicboard Repair Procedure is explained under.

Please note If the logicboard has been repaired then the motherboard repair fee will stand, the fixed costs are to repair a logicboard fault.

Due to the nature of component level logicboard board repairs we cannot tell when additional components are faulty till the logicboard is repaired or semi functioning condition. Due to this reason a quotation for a logicboard repair plus  parts (like a screen, keyboard, cpu etc.) if declined then the logicboard repair fee stands.

Please be advise 98% of the repairs are beneath the Fixed Rate NO FIX NO FEE costs.